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"For some time I had been struggling with my running and swimming due to lack of confidence and my general attitude when things were not going well. Working with Evie has massively transformed my approach, attitude and self belief and ultimately, my performance. Evie's professional and clear presentation (both verbally and diagrammatically) and the subsequent introduction of mantras now enables me to be more positive rather than negative when the going gets tough! I really cannot adequately express how much I have benefited from our sessions."

Ian Bracken, 76, Weald Tri Club, Kent, UK

"As a new mum, there were many challenges to overcome in order to get my fitness levels back after childbirth - and I would not have reached optimum health in such a short space of time without the help of sport psychologist, Evie Serventi. Her advice and mental work on my physical and emotional state was paramount to where I have reached today. I cannot thank Evie enough for her work with me and I would recommend her to all new mums looking to find themselves, after the life-changing event that is motherhood! Thank you, Evie. I will forever be grateful to you." 

Stephanie Boyer, Production Fixer and Editor, Paris, France

"Evie recently facilitated one of our Group Leader Development Workshops in Kent. The interactive workshop, on 'communicating effectively with your runners', introduced the Leaders to all aspects of communication, including: understanding different personality types; the art of listening; the power of body language; understanding comfort zones and feedback skills. Evie is professional, relaxed, friendly and engaging, both as a sport psychologist and as a speaker. The feedback from the participants was extremely positive and they found the workshop interesting, worthwhile and thought provoking. I'd like to thank Evie for sharing her knowledge, skills and expertise on the day."

Lucy Tomlinson, Workplace Challenge, Kent Sport & Physical Activity Service

"As a professional runner, I understand the importance of training both the body and mind for peak performance. I have had some experience with sports psychologists in the past, who have given me advice. However, I did not feel particularly connected with any of them. Until now. Evie Serventi literally changed my life, and is one of the most important people in my support team. Without Evie, I would never have accomplished my number one running goal of representing Great Britain and Northern Ireland in a world championship, nor would I have shaved five minutes off my marathon PB last year to run a 2:36. Evie is the most thoughtful, genuine, considerate person I have ever met, and it is clear just how much passion and love she has for helping others. I cannot recommend Evie highly enough, and for anyone who wants to train to their potential, Evie will be your secret to success."

Tina Muir, elite runner

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