Regular exercise has been found to literally feed your brain and body with happy hormones (endorphins), resulting in greater resilience, better cognitive function, less stress, better daily/lifestyle coping skills, and improved mood. In simpler terms, if you keep moving, you're more likely to remain physically and mentally healthy, improve your wellbeing, and be happy!


Making healthy lifestyle choices and behaviour changes are sometimes easier said than done. That's where Evie can help. With her intuitive guidance, you can teach yourself to:

  • Become more active/involved in sport

  • Improve energy levels

  • Change unhealthy habits to new, healthy habits

  • Develop realistic, achievable and enjoyable goals

  • Develop tools and strategies to boost confidence, and improve self-esteem and motivation

  • Create your own methods to manage daily stress and anxiety

  • Find ways to sharpen your time management skills

  • Learn to prioritise what's really important

  • Grow emotionally; develop a growth mindset as opposed to a fixed mindset